How to care for angora


Angora is a type of wool obtained from the fur of the angora rabbit. The fabric is known for its extraordinarily soft fibers. It can be worn by people who are allergic to other types of wool. Angora is classified as a specialty wool because it comes from an animal other than sheep.

Angora is popular with hand spinners. Angora rabbits are easy to care for, don’t require vaccinations, and don’t cost much to feed. The fur can be harvested without harming the animals. If you’re looking for a productive hobby or home business, check out

If you’re just looking for ways to keep your sweater in good condition, follow the steps below. You’ll learn how to care for angora garments and improve their lifespan.

Wear tips

It is the nature of angora to shed. Due to this characteristic, it is wise to match colors when wearing an angora garment with another article of clothing. Wearing a matching combo won’t eliminate the shedding, but black on black is not as noticeable as it would be on a contrasting color.

Protect your garment from perfumes and cosmetics. Avoid excessive wear by keeping stiff belts, purse straps, and seat belts away from your angora. Freshen by brushing after wearing. A circular, metal pet brush works well.

Because of its delicate softness, angora is prized for certain items such as

  • Sweaters
  • Baby clothes
  • Scarves and shawls
  • Pet clothing


One of the main complaints about angora is that it pills. This is caused by rubbing and abrasion when wearing, and also by machine washing. Pills can be pulled off carefully by hand. You can also purchase a fabric shaver for more efficient removal. These may be battery operated or electric plug ins. Use only on flat, smooth fabrics. Long haired fabrics or garments with embroidery or other decoration will be damaged by the shaver.

Angora garments can be folded or hung. Use special care in hanging sweaters. Otherwise, your garment will develop hanger humps. Do not store in plastic bags, as garments will not be able to breathe. Use a special sweater bag. Place cedar near zipper and hanger openings on the bag.


If your garment becomes misshapen for whatever reason, it can sometimes be salvaged by blocking. Soak the garment in very warm to hot water. Squeeze out excess water.

Lay flat on an absorbent towel, and reshape to its original shape and size. Pin to the towel with rustproof pins. Allow to air dry.


Follow the instructions given on the care label sewn into the garment. As a general rule, angora clothing should be dry cleaned or hand washed. To wash by hand use cold water and mild soap suds. Work suds gently through the garment. Rinse thoroughly. Do not wring, squeeze, or twist. Roll in a towel to remove excess water. Lay flat on a dry towel and dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not press or iron knit garments. To speed the drying process, place in a pillow case and run for a short, delicate cycle in the dryer. Then dry flat as described above.

Gotta love it

Angora’s softness will cushion you in luxury. Maintain its best features by learning how to care for angora clothing. Your garment can last a lifetime with the proper care.